I want to express my thanks to Gwynedd Healthcare for providing exceptional care to my mom over the past four years. My wife and I feel that you took excellent care of her. We transferred her from a nursing home in New Jersey to Pennsylvania, as my wife thought she would have a better quality of life. I am especially fond of the nurses that I have met such as Tina, Chantal, and Robert. Although I never met Veronica, my mom spoke highly of her. The consistent caregivers that I have met over the years, those that provided care are Marie, Ester and Mimi. My mom said the other caregivers, whom I have not met, were hard working and pleasant too. Mom thought they had a most difficult job. If I had general questions, the social workers such as Michelle, Jennifer Stacy, and Corey were always knowledgeable and helpful. Wendy was there with administrative and financial concerns. Gail was always pleasant and addressed all of my additional concerns. My mom was also fond of Paul and other maintenance men who helped with mechanical problems. She also appreciated Maggie's positive attitude. I am sure that there are others whom I have missed regarding therapy, activities, dining hall or your coffee clutch. I know mom missed Beth in activities, but I feel Nicole was a great replacement. I feel comforted that mom loved the weekly visits from the representatives at Corpus Christi Church. When needed, Caring Hospice individuals presented her with great care and peaceful ideology. Please continue your compassionate work. Mom experienced a quality of life in her later years that we were unable to provide. We appreciate you involvement.
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