January 19, 2021

Staff Behind the Mask Spotlight!

Leonilla Sandlin, Activities Assistant

A beloved Activities Assistant who has been with us for close to seven years, Leonilla’s loyalty to Gwynedd is unwavering. Originally from the Philippines, a friend at church recommended she apply to Gwynedd, which was her first job here in the United States.

Leonilla, who lives with her husband and cat in nearby Norristown, enjoys spending time with friends, meeting new people, singing, dancing, and learning how to cook new dishes. She has shown amazing support and dedication to our residents throughout the COVID crisis and has not missed a day since the pandemic first hit, which speaks to how much she cares about our residents!

With a related degree in education for day care, Leonilla really loves keeping the Gwynedd community active and upbeat. From greeting each resident with a smiling face to singing with them every morning, Leonilla is a ray of sunshine here in our community. She says she learns a lot from the residents and gets a kick when they correct her English. “I love seeing the resident’s smiling faces every morning,” she says, adding that in addition to leading sing-alongs, she enjoys getting creative with fun arts and crafts.

Thank you Leonilla, for your positivity, loyalty, and dedication to our residents and the Gwynedd community!
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