January 31, 2018

result-driven rehab

Getting Our Residents Back On Their Feet

Mr. Joseph Murray was admitted to Gwynedd Healthcare & Rehabilitation in December, recovering from surgery that resulted in the need for specialized wound care on his foot. Upon arrival, he was unable to bear weight on that foot and was severely
deconditioned due to his hospital stay.

Following intensive wound treatment and a customized therapy regimen, Joe is fast approaching his goals of walking independently, being pain-free and having his wound healed.

He will be discharged home in the very near future, and is eager to get back to his word searches, magazine reading, and “tinkering in his garage.” We will certainly miss Mr. Murray, but look forward to him regaining his independence and returning home!

Joe is married to Stella, his wife of 52 years. They have three children: Diana, Robin and Kevin. Joe was born in Salisbury, MD, and currently lives in North Wales, PA.
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