November 23, 2021

Speech Therapy Success!

Meet Howard Heiss

We are delighted to announce that one of our long-term care residents, Howard Heiss, has had a very successful journey with speech therapy and some recent milestones to show for it. Having previously been on a PEG tube for nutrition, Howard was reintroduced to food with the help of our Speech Language Pathologist, and thanks to her help, he can now successfully eat a mechanical soft diet by mouth!

When Howard first arrived at Gwynedd in 2018, he was not eating by mouth and had a significant swallowing deficit. At the time he did months of extensive swallowing therapy but did not improve enough to safely eat by mouth. In 2021, he went for a swallow study and had some improvement in his overall swallow function. Following recent months of intensive speech therapy, Howard can once again enjoy his food!

Congratulations, Howard. Your hard work has paid off and we’re all proud of your amazing accomplishment!

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