Thank you Leonilla, for your positivity, loyalty, and dedication to our residents and the Gwynedd community!

Here for more than two decades, our community is like a second home to Marie.

Thank you Marie for your ongoing commitment and dedication to our residents!

Lisa has four adult children and lives with her retired husband in Royersford, PA. She grew up in Montgomery County where she did an LPN diploma program and then got her RN degree from the Community College in Montgomery County.

Gwynedd is truly a lovely community, with a lot of staff longevity. The staff really, really cares.
– Lisa Kline, DON

Full of determination, Gladys is now able to walk with the assistance of a walker and was recently discharged with helpful tips for staying safe at home. Gladys will continue to practice her breathing exercises to help conserve energy and complete tasks around the house without losing her breath.

“I really enjoyed my stay at Gwynedd and the food was great! I commend all the wonderful nurses, aides and staff who were so helpful to me.”
– Gladys Krieble

Harvard Health recommends small lifestyle changes like a short ten-minute walk, eating one extra fruit or vegetable per day, or trying some deep breathing exercises which can not only help you relax but also lower blood pressure.

Make sure to speak with your doctor about steps you can take to protect your heart starting today.

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