September 15, 2018

A Rehab Success Story

It speaks volumes about our caliber of care when one of very own past employees chooses to return to our center for a rehab stay. Myrtle Nelson, a recently discharged short-term rehab resident, worked at Gwynedd as a CNA and Unit Secretary for 14 years until her retirement.

When Myrtle suffered a hip fracture following a fall, she knew Gwynedd Healthcare was the ideal setting for her recuperation. The icing on the cake was having her lovely daughter-in-law Cory Nelson who serves as our Business Office Manager, in-house, as she was able to see her daily.

Myrtle underwent 3 weeks of intensive physical and occupational therapy to regain her mobility and physical functionality, and she did remarkably well. Our wonderful therapy staff also initiated a post-discharge plan of care to identify and address deficits to reduce her risk of falls, along with muscle-strengthening exercises to do daily at home.

“I tell all my friends about how wonderful it is here” says Myrtle, and true to her word – when a close friend recently fractured her hip, she chose to rehab at Gwynedd – upon Myrtle’s recommendation.

“Hands down, Gwynedd’s got the best staff – they give excellent care. There was nowhere else I wanted to go for therapy!”
- Myrtle nelson
Short-Term Resident at Gwynedd
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